Coaching for IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced) and NEET

Krishna Kumar (KK Sir)

Krishna Kumar, is an authority when it comes to Chemistry. With a shining 18 years of experience he has handled each child in crossing the hurdles of JEE and NEET examinations.
His lucid approach, meticulous explanation, and in-depth analysis lead his students to come to terms with the intricacies of the subject with relative ease. He is a great motivator. He insp
ires his students to work within their areas of strength and not to be demoralized by others.


Ravi Raj

Ravi Raj (B.Tech IIT Kharagpur) is an outstanding physics teacher. His knack for problem solving, razor sharp precision and stronghold over the fundamentals puts him in a different league altogether.

He has a penchant for teaching Physics and says that the best hours are spent when he is taking classes. His love for mentoring, in-depth knowledge of the subject and conceptual clarity makes him one of the most sought after Physics faculty.

Rajneesh Mishra

Rajneesh Mishra (B.Tech IIT-BHU) is one of the most celebrated and popular teacher for IIT-JEE Mathematics. His stronghold over the subject and the ability to make things analytical is what that sets him apart.

He believes in invoking the thought process involved behind a particular problem instead of presenting crammed solutions to the same. He belongs to the school of thought that “mathematics can be fun” and that’s what he endeavors to do in his right earnest.